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What makes DocPublisher awesome?

Rich Text Editor

You have an easy & familiar rich text editor to create stunning documents.

Upload Documents

You can upload your existing PDF documents from your local system.

Easy Organizing

Organize documents in folders. Easily copy/move documents across folders.

Password Protected

You can configure the password on folders and documents to restrict access.

Restrict Download

You can restrict the download access at an individual document level.

Verify Viewers

You can perform email verification before providing them access to the document.

Share Anywhere

Get a dedicated short URL for your folders and documents. Share them anywhere.

Always Available

Our systems ensure that the documents should always stay available.


We use secure network and encrypt the files to safeguard your account.

Contains a lot of the necessary tools for document sharing and controlling sharing, and also some extra tools. For those working with documents and sharing documents, this is really the tool to use.
- Kukuri Hime

Your documents will look great, without you having to do the work. And we'll manage all your documents for you.

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